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  • Majority of Israelis support freedom of religion, marriage
    Written by on 05/09/2013
    Hiddush's 2013 Religion and State Index shows sizable segment of Jewish population highly dissatisfied with religious restrictions imposed by the state

  • 61% of Israelis: Separate State, religion
    Written by on 04/09/2013
    On eve of Jewish New Year, Hiddush association's Religion and State Index shows half of public believes religious-secular tension is most serious conflict in Israeli society. About two-thirds support opening businesses on Shabbat, 62% are in favor of recognizing all types of marriages – but 61% would rather get married in Rabbinate

  • Hiddush releases 2013 Religion and State Index; increased support for freedom of marriage and Jewish pluralism
    Written by on 03/09/2013
    In the fifth consecutive Religion and State Index, there is a noticeable rise in support for non-Orthodox marriages and conversions. A majority of Israelis support equal recognition of Reform and Conservative Rabbis.

  • I'm not Jewish?
    Written by on 14/11/2012
    In our October newsletter, we release the findings of the 2012 Religion and State Index, discuss the plight of a young woman who just wasn't "Jewish enough" to get married in Israel, and discuss what you can do to make a difference.

  • Status quo change?
    Written by on 21/02/2012
    Hiddush's Israel Religion and State Index shows what the public is really thinking about changes to public transportation availability on Shabbat

  • National Security
    Written by on 23/01/2012
    Hiddush and Rabbi Uri Regev weight in on intersection between Religious Freedom, Women’s Rights and Israeli National Security

  • Hiddush Poll: 43% of the Israeli Jewish public support Lapid’s entry into political life
    Written by on 16/01/2012
    34% of the respondents said they are very likely or somewhat likely to vote for a new party that will advance religious freedom and the equal shouldering of civic responsibilities. Hiddush president, Rabbi Uri Regev: “There is great eagerness among Israelis for a new political leader that will focus on religious freedom and equality”.

  • Synagogue & State
    Written by on 11/01/2012
    What do Israelis want with regards religion and state? Leonard Fein responds.

  • Dancing to protest
    Written by on 07/12/2011
    Ultra-Orthodox groups threaten a dance studio because the dancing is not “modest”; dancers respond by lifting their shades and dancing in public.


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