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  • Israeli Elections, Religion, State and American Jewry
    Written by Uri Regev on 12/09/2019
    Israel has never experienced a similar opportunity to end the decades-old fundamentalist Orthodox hold over its religious Jewish life.

  • 64% Israeli Jews want broad civil coalition, without Haredi parties
    Written by on 05/09/2019
    53% say they are more likely to vote for a party that commits to promote religious freedom and equality of civic burden. 66% say that it is important for them that the party they will vote for advance these values.

  • 2018 Israel Religion & State Index
    Written by on 05/09/2018
    As in previous years, as Rosh HaShanah approaches, Hiddush is proud to publish its annual Israel Religion & State Index, now in its tenth year.

  • 2018 Israel Religion & State Index
    Written by on 05/09/2018
    As in previous years, as Rosh HaShanah approaches, Hiddush is proud to publish its annual Israel Religion & State Index, now in its tenth year.

  • 2016 Israel Religion and State Index - by party voters
    Written by on 08/12/2016
    In Israel's Jewish community there is very broad opposition to the Government's actions in realm of religion & state and consistent support for all aspects of religious freedom and equality. This is the main conclusion of the Israel Religion & State Index.

  • Israeli Funds for Youth at Risk Skewed Toward ultra-Orthodox Jews
    Written by on 09/06/2016
    Some 60 percent of the funds budgeted for youth at risk goes toward helping ultra-Orthodox teenagers, even though they are only 15 percent of the teen population, according to Social Affairs Ministry data compiled by Hiddush.

  • Israeli Left Must Internalize That ultra-Orthodox Parties Are Not Partners
    Written by Shahar Ilan on 16/03/2016
    ​ How is it that the left-wing and center opposition factions hardly deal with issues of state and religion? Is the opposition again deluding itself that the ultra-Orthodox parties will reward it by forming a government with it?

  • 2014 Religion and State Index first edition
    Written by on 01/09/2015
    This year's Index bears a clear and crucial message for world Jewry: More than two-thirds (67%) of Israeli Jews support joint efforts between Israel and world Jewry to help Israel advocate for freedom of marriage.

  • L'Chayim: Uri Regev - Coalition and Orthodox
    Written by on 11/06/2015
    Uri Regev, President & CEO of “Hiddush – For Freedom of Religion and Equality,” explains why PM Netanyahu's deals with ultra-Orthodox parties to win their coalition support hurts Israeli democracy and threatens American Jewry's relationship to Israel.

  • The Coalition Agreements: Religion and State Clauses
    Written by on 27/05/2015
    We are pleased to present to you the analysis report prepared by Hiddush on the religion and state clauses in Israel's 2015 coalition agreements. The document deals with budgets matters; education; freedom of religion and equality of civic burden.

  • Rabbi John Rosove: The New Israeli Government and Ultra-Orthodox Parties
    Written by on 06/05/2015
    As he strives to form a government, Prime Minister Netanyahu is making deals with small parties in exchange for their support.

  • Prepare for the return of the ultra-Orthodox parties
    Written by Shahar Ilan on 11/12/2014
    A simple analysis shows that the only significant change between the current government and the next one will be a replacement of the center-right government by a government comprising the right and the ultra-Orthodox parties. The centrist Yesh Atid party, led by former Finance Minister Yair Lapid, and the small HaTenua party led by former Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, will be replaced by the United Torah Judaism party and Shas.

  • Giving Tuesday: Give Israel a Chance
    Written by on 02/12/2014
    Netanyahu dissolved his government coalition and called for new elections in March 2014. His likely partners in the next coalition will be the ultra-Orthodox parties. Still, two-thirds of Israelis oppose this unholy union. Please support Hiddush so that we can continue the urgent fight for religious freedom.

  • Religion and State Update from the Knesset
    Written by on 23/06/2013
    Progress for freedom of religion in the Knesset

  • 82% of Yesh Atid voters want immediate ultra-Orthodox draft
    Written by on 21/04/2013
    61% of the general public is in favor of an immediate draft of yeshiva students. Hiddush CEO Rabbi Regev: "The public's message is clear. Equality in sharing the burden must begin immediately."


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