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  • No Increase In Oversight of Yeshivas
    Written by on 03/01/2011
    Education minister promised half a year ago to beef up supervision at haredi schools, but nothing was done. No sign of new inspectors for the independent school networks

  • Hiddush sent cabinet: Guide to the False Reforms
    Written by on 17/12/2010
    The heads of Hiddush to the ministers: ‘You’re told of a revolutionary military recruitment goal, and in practice all of the kollel students are being exempted from the draft; you’re told that the living stipend for kollel students is being restricted, but no kollel student will lose his stipend’

  • Regev: Hoffman’s arrest – a black day for democracy
    Written by on 09/12/2010
    The chairwoman of Women of the Wall was taken in for police questioning after holding a prayer minyan at the start of the Jewish month of Tevet

  • Report on Gender-Segregated Buses Segregation 2010
    Written by on 15/03/2010
    2,500 Gender-Segregated Bus Rides a Day

  • Rabbis Are Leading The Religious Struggles
    Written by on 24/09/2009
    The public is not buying the claim that the shabbat militants are motivated by ethical reasons. 74% of the Jewish public: Judaism unifies, the rabbis divide. 53%: the police are handling the demonstrations too leniently.

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